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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

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Lets start this post with a funny story: Francis owed my dad two bowls of Pho in payment for a computer we gave to him. And then when the time came, my dad ended up paying for Francis' pho 😂 I think that means Francis owes my dad three bowls now! But knowing my dad he would never actually let Fran pay.

Pho Hien is one of the more popular eateries in Canley Heights. I have never seen it NOT packed but I feel like it's also not impossible to get a table. We don't normally eat here but in the event that my dad and Francis had a little IOU some Pho situation going on, we decide to check it out.

Inside the place is very clean and nice and decor is quite simple save for the bar in the picture above and also the large TV screens on each wall. The vibe of this place is noisy and bustling but not annoying.

I would say the service isn't great but typical of an Asian place - they take your order after you sit down and off they go. No smiles, no nothing. We had a really bad experience with service which I will tell the story of later down in this post.

Pho Tai (Beef noodle soup with sliced rare beef) $10
- It's decent but the only thing I have with it is it's a tad bland, the soup isn't as hearty as I would like and it could use more cinnamon flavour or even salt
- Also when it was served it THEY ALREADY DUNKED THE BEEF ALL THE WAY INTO THE SOUP. A huge NO-NO since I loooove my beef on the rare side and flash-cooking it myself 😭

Bun Mang Vit (Duck and Bamboo noodle soup) $
- The duck is very tender and sweet! It's so different from usual roast or peking duck and I feel like it tastes a lot cleaner
- The accompanying salad with the duck is really sparse. For some reason I don't really enjoy it even with the fish sauce on the side
- The noodles are great and the soup has a delicious and subtle bamboo flavour, but the bamboo itself tastes dehydrated and quite tough

OKAAAAY now let me tell you that "bad service" story I mentioned at the beginning of this post. So my mom ordered Mi Quang and it literally arrived when EVERYONE ELSE FINISHED EATING. But that's not even the full story. A few minutes after everyone else's dishes arrived, my mom waved over the waiter and asked him how much longer her dish was going to take. He said 5 minutes and walked off. So she waited 5 minutes before asking him again and he was like "Oh 5 minutes" AGAIN. We thought that he forgot to send her order to the kitchen when we saw him walk through to the back but a few seconds later, he just delivers food to another customer for their order. Now over 5 minutes later, we're all nearly done with our food and all very annoyed that my mom's dish hasn't arrived because that wait time is too ridiculous. My mom tries to wave over the same waiter again and he looks at us before rushing into the kitchen. We saw and tried to wave him over again after he walked out and he literally ignored us and served other customers!!!

So we waved over a waitress who didn't really seem concerned at all for our complaints (I feel like she even rolled her eyes) and she went into the kitchen to check. She came back and slammed the bowl and plate on our table. It turns out the meal had already been made. But yet she still truly made us feel like we were rude or we did something wrong when we had been patiently waiting. And that is a horrible way to serve people.

Mi Quang (Pork, prawn and quail eggs with yellow rice noodles) $11
- Yes it looks really yummy BUT it didn't taste good at all. In fact, it didn't taste like anything at all. The red soup was like water with some oil floating on top and tasted like goopiness. There was also lots of onion and coriander in the meal but they didn't enhance or add to it at all
- And it was only luke-warm.
- And the pork was so overcooked and dry.
- Oh yes… and there was ONE quail egg. ONE.

For the long-ass wait and having this meal to show for it with NO APOLOGIES, I was fuming. Between everyone, we couldn't finish it because it was so unpalatable. Food should never be served at this standard. Coupled with the bad service, it ruined my entire experience at Pho Hien.

So in the end, I don't recommend this place. Because for the money you pay and all the other great places to eat at in Canley Heights, you can get food just as good if not better and definitely with 100% better service. You might come in and receive really good food, but for me if the restaurant treats customers (especially my mom) really rude like that I won't be returning. And as someone who writes food reviews, this is my honest opinion and view.

My mom told them when she went to pay for our dinner that she waited so long for her meal and the servers were rude, and the guy behind the counter didn't say anything. Just collected the money. Again, no apologies. Shocking.

Price: Mid-range under $15
Quality: Hit/miss
Service: Horrible.
Ambience: Very busy place

Pho Hien Restaurant
3/236 Canley Vale Road,
Canley Heights NSW 2166

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