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Monday, August 08, 2016

I walk to uni pretty often from Redfern. Not all the time because I can be quite lazy and prefer taking a bus but these days with much of my classes being in the new Abercrombie building, I do walk. It has made me curious as to what is on the other side of Redfern. I've heard there are some pretty good eateries so when Vanessa invites me to have lunch at The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish, I can't say no 😇

Luckily for the lazy walk-hating me, the cafe is not far AT ALL from Redfern station. Relief!!!

The place is quite empty when we walk in but fills up with a few more people a couple of minutes later. The service is really quick and friendly and our menu's are handed to us straight away as we're told about the deals of the day. There is also a huge chalkboard wall to the right outlining all the special deals and discounts, new items, add ons, and social media accounts in case we missed it the first time. To my left there are a bunch of posters advertising bands and new albums coming soon. I find the decor and feel of the place extremely trendy!

I've heard this place is famous for its milkshakes (of course), burgers and doughnuts so I grab one of everything. I note that there's a lot of delicious sounding burgers on the menu that could potentially give someone a heart attack hehehe. Vanessa also tells me that if you mention you are from the Fatties Burger Appreciation Society, you will get FREE chips. I hear "free" and I tell her to speak no more, that is what we shall do 😍

✨  She's so bright and sunny ✨

Rockn' Road milkshake w/ coconut macaroon ice cream, coconut milk, chocolate sauce and strawberry syrup $8
- I actually get this in the milkshake + doughnut combo for $10 (doughnut at the bottom of post)
- On the menu it says this is made with award winning ice cream and house made syrup!
- The first thing I notice is that the waitress also brings out the extra surplus milkshake in the silver cup which didn't fit in the first cup and instantly I LOVE this place. No wastage? No worries! I really appreciate this!!!
- The milkshake itself is AMAZING. The milk is nice, creamy and full of coconut flavour and the toasted coconut as well as strawberry syrup that actually tastes like real strawberries is a nice cut away from the richness. However I think they forgot to put in the chocolate sauce so this isn't a full rocky road experience

Milk Bar Original w/ 120g basted house blend beef patty, double American cheddar, onion, bbq sauce, pickles, aioli, onion rings $9.50
- Overwhelmed with all the burgers on the menu that all sound so good, I go for the original Milk Bar burger
- Visually it looks small and compact but honestly this is a big and filling burger!
- I liked everything about this burger except two things: 
1) It needed more aioli because it was a bit dry, 
2) One side of my beef patty was extremely charred where the grill marks were. It took away from so much of the burger and in the end I didn't finish eating it because the burnt taste was too much. Would've been a 10/10 if not for that

Vanessa's: Chicken Bacon Burger w/ crumbed free range chicken breast, artisan bacon, American cheddar, garlic aioli, lettuce, tomato, "jp" sauce $16.50
- This burger was even more full than mine! How delicious and colourful does it look!!!
- The chicken breast was really good, not too dry and nicely crumbed all over. It came in strips so this burger was super deconstructable 

Handcut potato chips w/ skins on and garlic aioli on the side 
$FREE when you mention "Fatties Burger Appreciation Society"
- For free chips, this basket was overflowing with some of the best chips I have ever had!!!
- The potato was so thick and chunky. Super crispy on the outside and very hot and fluffy on the inside!
- The aioli paired with these chips were to die for 💕

We had such an amazing lunch at Milkbar by Cafe Ish! 
On our way out I went to choose one of the doughnuts from my earlier milkshake + doughnut $10 deal to take-away…

The display case is loaded full of doughnuts that both look and sound delicious. I honestly had problems choosing.

And in the end I went with… 

Maple Bacon doughnut $5.50
- I love sweet and salty combinations. I don't regret this choice at all
- I didn't eat it until I got home so I had to microwave it for a few seconds but this really is an awesome doughnut. The sweetness of the maple glaze contrasts so well with the salty pieces of fried bacon!

Overall, USYDers and food lovers what are you waiting for? I think that this place is definitely worth checking out. Even though I had a slightly disappointing experience with my burger I feel like I should've spoken up about it because everything else was going really well and it could've been that much more. Anyway let me know if you go or if you have any recommendations!

Price: Pretty good for what you get! Great deals available
Quality: Everything is made in-house and it shows!
Service: Friendly, happy to chat
Ambience: Trendy and retro little cafe

Milk Bar by Cafe Ish
105 Regent St,
Redfern NSW 2016

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