Gloria's Portuguese Restaurant, Petersham

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Gloria's Cafe or Gloria's Portuguese Restaurant, whichever you may call it serves up one of Sydney's most humble and hearty tastes of Portugal. For many of us, Portuguese food is… the burgers or chicken you pick up at Oportos, Nandos, or even Ogalo. Many of us don't have even the slightest clue about what more there is to this amazing cuisine.

When my dad found a Groupon voucher for Gloria's online, the entire family was definitely very keen to try it out. We love trying out new food and I've seen this place being recommended before which was a plus! Petersham is a place I often pass by on my train line and rarely give it much thought. Surprsingly since then I've found out that this suburb is home to many Portuguese eateries and also one of my sisters favourite places, Sweet Belem bakery. Interesting!

There is basic outdoor seating available where it seems a few of the locals seem to enjoy their afternoon at.

The inside is very humble and cosy. I would describe it as rustic. However much of it looks a bit randomly put together.

We're here quite early for lunch at 11:30am just when the cafe opens and the waitress who serves us is super friendly and cheerful.

She hands us this menu in a plastic sleeve which is for all the people who come here with a Groupon voucher. Our deal is the $57 for four people and we get:

- Garlic bread
- Sizzling garlic prawns
- Batatas bravas
- Codfish cakes
- Broadbeans and chorizo
- Haloumi
- Sangria, wine or soft drink each

Apparently this is a total value of $160

We choose 1 glass of red and white wine which tastes like your average budget wine. However for soft drinks we are recommended the Portuguese soft drink brand - Sumol. The ananas (pineapple) one is fine, but the orange is our favourite! These soft drinks are fizzy yet still have some fruit pulp in it which is really nice and unique!

Pao com alho (garlic bread) $3
- There is so much delicious garlic and butter flavour on this bread however it is a bit too toasted for my tastes

Batatas bravas $12
- While the potato isn't raw, the under fried and pale exterior is a bit underwhelming
- It goes really nicely with the aioli and spicy sauce though. I'm pleasantly surprised to taste that the spicy sauce actually has a hint of spice!!

Queiji haloumi $12
- Panfried haloumi, you can't go wrong! Eat them while they're still warm :)

Pasteis bacalhau (Savoury codfish and potato cakes) $3 each
- I really enjoyed this! It's crunchy on the outside, and fluffy yet textured on the inside

Camarao com alho (Sizzling garlic prawns in olive oil and mild chilli) $18
- This actually came to the table sizzling which was so cool!
- Plenty of garlic flavour, prawns were cooked well

Broadbeans and chorizo
- Pictured below!
- Probably the most disappointing tapa of the lot. The broad bean was extremely starchy and bland, whereas the chorizo was very salty. It was all covered in a strange and slightly spicy oil. Overall I thought there was no harmony at all with the ingredients and flavours in this dish :(

So there we have it. Our feast of tapas from Gloria's Portuguese Restaurant! I enjoyed this whole experience however I wish the tapas chosen for the voucher deal would showcase the more unique side and tastes of Portuguese cuisine. These tapas all in all were quite ordinary and palatable yet nothing special.

Price: Quite expensive for portion
Quality: Nothing special, everything is cooked well
Service: Friendly
Ambience: Humble and rustic

Gloria's Portuguese Restaurant
82 Audley St,
Petersham NSW 2049

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