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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

This is the first food review and post where I use my brand new and exclusive watermark designed by Jasmine! It looks so so so good, I am very much in love with it. Also we are showcasing my NEW SHORT HAIR! After many years of growing out my hair and then refusing to cut it, it's finally all chopped off leaving me feeling a little lighter in embracing my 21 years of age. Click here to read more about it on my other blog.

Todays post is all iPhone photos since the one day I didn't carry my DSLR around, Vanessa invites me to go to Spice Alley after our lecture. I'm almost ashamed to say that this is the same day that I only just discovered Spice Alley. WORST FOODIE OR WHAT 😱

Short hair, new watermark, great discoveries!

Spice Alley is located nearby Central Park and the Kensington Street Social. It's literally an alley way marked by the gate I am posing next to above. Walking in is such a nice surprise because the place is SO pretty. The paved flooring, strings of lanterns on the ceilings as well as hawker x canteen styled eateries… what a place to be!

While the space is actually quite small, there are a few (predominantly) South East Asian eateries lined up in the alley way. The smell of food in the air makes Vanessa and I literally want to order one of everything, and personally I have so much trouble choosing between a rice dish, a fried noodle dish, or a soup noodle dish. Everything looks and sounds delicious. I don't even bother checking online for the food reviews, I had a feeling it would turn out well!

Vanessa opts for some Thai Pad See Ew at Bang Luck as well as Xiao Long Bao at Hong Kong Diner. Whereas I head over to the first eatery seen on arrival, Alex Lee Kitchen for some Singaporean food!

For the purpose of my review and because Zomato only allows one Spoonback per post, I'll only add the Alex Lee Kitchen one!

In all honesty, I found the service really rushed and a bit rude. It was a quiet afternoon and I was the only customer ordering at the time, but the server made me feel as if I was taking up so much of her time. She would finish off my sentences and gave me a strange look when I ordered the "Nasi Lemak". I mean I probably pronounced it wrong or something, but that really made me feel uncomfortable. 

All the eateries in Spice Alley only accept card, so make sure you have that on you!

You are given a little ticket and your number is called out when the food is ready. My food didn't take too long to arrive and it comes out on a TV dinner style metal tray. I am much more used to seeing roti served on this hahaha. You also have to pick your own cutlery from the side of the stall and I'm super pleased to find that with the exception of a plastic soup spoon, everything else is wooden and biodegradable. Sure I admit I don't like the feel of wooden utensils when eating and it imposes a wooden taste, but it does help the environment just that little bit more!

Nasi Lemak w/ Beef Rendang $13
- This is relatively expensive compared to everything else in Spice Alley (but still very affordable overall)
- The rice is so fragrant and full of coconut and pandan aroma. It's really well done!
- The beef rendang was also really good and very very tender
- Disappointed to find only one half of a boiled egg with a small spoon of sambal on top. The sambal was actually delicious but it was sweet rather than spicy. Is that normal?
Edit: I read on Wikipedia that a sweeter sambal is preferred in Singaporean nasi lemak so that it won't overpower the dish!
- Okay and probably the component of this nasi lemak that confused me the most because I've never seen it before is the curried vegetables. They are slightly pickled so they have a sweet x sour taste and are still crunchy.. also coated in a curry seasoning. It's tasty by itself but because I'm not used to this, I think that it takes away from the nasi lemak!

Vanessa's: Pad See Ew (from Bang Luck) $10.80
- This looks so humble in my opinion, there's nothing fancy but theres a lot of good flavour going on
- I had some of this and the sauce used is SO good, it's very more-ish!
- I think my only critique is that I wish it had a little more char and 'wok breath'

Shared: Xiao Long Bao (from Hong Kong Diner)
- Mmm xiao long bao, how I love dumplings!
- The skins on this are a teeny tiny tad thick so that they aren't as delicate as expected, however they are so good. The dumplings are served fresh so the soup inside is initially very hot, and the meat is tasty!

Vanessa's entire attire including that gold watch literally just turned this into 


Straightening my short hair can be a little annoying because the ends are extremely choppy so matter how good of a job I do, they still end up flicking out. And also it just takes away so much volume. But straightening really is better than leaving it natural because if I do, those flicks go so out of control that my head looks like a Christmas tree…

Anyway that post lecture and quiz feed were just what we needed to feel a whole lot better about our rumbling tummies. We headed over to Central Park's La Mama del Gelato Anitas afterwards for some ICE CREAM! They didn't have the flavour Vanessa was looking for so we ended up sharing a scoop of Rum & Fig. Which by the way tastes nothing like rum or fig. Just strongly of white chocolate!

Hehe okay so I'll end the post here with a few more photos of me x me & Vanessa!

Price: Competitive prices. Cheap!
Quality: No issues, food was awesome
Service: Rushed, rude
Ambience: So themed, so pretty. Amazing place to eat at!

Spice Alley
18-20 Kengsinton St,
Chippendale NSW 2008

Alex Lee Kitchen:
Alex Lee Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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