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Monday, January 18, 2016

Everyone I know who has been to Chefs Gallery has managed to rack up a very large bill which has kind of made me scared to go to this place. I see it in the city at Town Hall and it looks pretty fancy, and Bankstown's Little Saigon Plaza store is quite similar. My sister and her boyfriend decided to come here so I invited myself along (hehe me so annoying) since I wouldn't have to pay!!! Free loading lyf. Luckily when we arrived, there was no queue! This is one of the restaurants at the front on the ground floor of the Plaza so you absolutely can't miss it.

Window on the side where you can watch the chefs work their magic~

Lucky seating on the side

Gorgeous interiors decorated with art!

The menu was SUPER PRETTY, VERY AESTHETIC, SUCH FLATLAY 10/10 pls teach me how to take photos like that!

Seriously everything was really expensive but looked so taaasty

I really wanted those little vomitting egg custard buns that look like Gudetama (too cute) but we decided to come back another time *just* for dessert

L: Watermelon Juice $5.90
R: Lychee and Mint Juice $5.90
- Both very refreshing but bland!

They informed us the wait for the dumplings we ordered would be around 20 minutes and we said that was absolutely fine since they make it fresh... 20 minutes ended up being the wait for all of the food. It arrived one after another. I mean 20 minutes isn't too bad right! We talked with each other, worked up an appetite and observed the surroundings so I felt it wasn't bad :)

Shredded lamb with spicy cumin rolled inside Chinese roti $16.90
- These were so flavourful! But really heavy, we struggled to finish it
- Feeling super let down by the presentation. Especially when you compare it to the menu's picture. I mean yay look sesame seeds..

Handmade noodles served with slow cooked beef brisket and minced beef with diced fresh chilli $16.90
- Aaaaverraaaage, noodles were great though!
- Again, another presentation issue with me

Panfried pork and cabbage pot stickers (6pc) $13.90
- I absolutely LOVE pot stickers/gyoza, they're literally the best of both dumpling worlds when you can't decide deep fried or boiled/steamed! And these were delicccccioooousss~
- I'm okay with this presentation, racks are practical

This was our first order, I decided to order a little more after this ohoho

Delicious handmade oodles of noodles :3

Fried Mini Bread Rolls served with Condensed Milk (5pc) $7.90
- Also known as milk buns, or mantou. And I too, absolutely love these! Sweet, fried, oily perfection!
- No idea what the brown splodge in the condensed milk was though.. but yum~

Lightly Battered King Prawns served with Wasabi Mayonnaise & Flying Fish Roe $24.90
- This was recommended to me by my bestfriend Jasmine who apparently eats at Chefs Gallery a lot, and I trust her .. this definitely was worth it! The combo tastes so good together, and besides who doesn't love prawns!
- Except for the presentation; that wasn't worth it. This one dish is the one I have the BIGGEST presentation issue with. It's extremely pretty on the menu, and it looks soooo lazy on this plate. Random sprinkle of green tea, dumped all the roe in the center, giant splodge of wasabi mayo :( 
- Taste gooood but plating n00000oo

Overall, I do like this place! Maybe if I ever come here again though, I'll have to be a little more rich to have a good dinner, or it will be a special occasion. And then I could get more expensive meals like duck! Hahahaha. But yeah also obviously I have been very disappointed by the presentation of these meals and I wonder if this is how it turns out in the Sydney store as well?

In case you're curious about the disappointment, click here for the menu.

But yeah definitely try it out if you haven't before!!! ^_^

Price: Expensive
Service: Attentive and lovely even though they have limited English!
Quality: Great! (Presentation sucks though)
Ambience: Bustling atmosphere, pretty decorated walls, love it!

Chefs Gallery
G03-06/462 Chapel Road
Bankstown NSW 2200
(Little Saigon Plaza)

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