i-Creamy Artisan Gelato, Sydney

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Welcome back to my blog or if you're new, welcome! I've been on a really long hiatus lately which I apologise for. However I've just had a really exciting dining experience at the Taste of Sydney food festival, and have edited a handful of photos ready to publish so you can expect more interesting posts and reviews in the coming weeks.

Tonight I thought I'd quickly slip in a short review of the famous rose shaped gelato which I'm sure everyone at this point has seen on Instagram! If not, YES you can get beautiful rose shaped gelato cones right in the heart of Sydney, without ever having to travel to Italy for this eat!

I-Creamy Artisan Gelato is located in the same building as Mappen, Oiden and Derauma. In fact even though it is right next to Oiden, I have failed to notice it so many times until one time while dining I saw a girl walk past holding this pretty flower gelato cone.

The store is very small with limited seating but nonetheless still has good vibes created by the cosy interior decoration. Free water is offered which I think is so great to wash down all the sweetness/gelato with!

The display of gelato on offer is so tempting as they have delicious and unique flavours such as Thai Milk Tea, Fairy Floss and even Black Sesame! For the "flower gelato" however, you can only choose the ones with a green clover in its tub. I'm not sure if the flavours for the rose gelato rotate but I have a feeling they do!

I come here with my sister and convince her to buy us both flower gelatos as we take our time to observe and carefully choose our flavours. For a flower gelato with 2 flavours, it is $6.90 while 3 flavours is $8.90. If you're completely feeling like you can't choose and want to try all the flavours, the 9 scoop gelato platter for $22.90 is perfect for you!

Gelato flowers are assembled right before your eyes which is so cool!

The result is a beautiful gelato cone that is almost way too pretty to eat!

Flower Gelato w/ Mint Choc Chip + Apple Pie $6.90

This was my choice. I LOVED the mint choc chip as the chocolate was very small and fine whilst the mint flavour was strong and fresh. I did not like the Apple Pie flavour because it was ridiculously sweet, gritty and I wasn't getting any apple flavour. In fact, it only tasted like sugary cinnamon to me.

Flower Gelato w/ Thai Milk Tea + Fairy Floss $6.90

My sisters choice. The Thai milk tea flavour is the one we were both excited for! Unfortunately it turned out to be a little disappointing as it tasted more like plain old black tea. Slightly bitter too. It was definitely missing the sweetness that we all know and love about Thai milk tea. The fairy floss wasn't that great either, as it was also a bit gritty and overly sweet. Didn't really get the expected fairy floss flavours from this.

Overall I think that I-Creamy Artisan Gelato is a really fun place to get some pretty flower gelatos which will definitely impress all of your friends and followers on Instagram, but as for me the flavours and texture of the gelato just did not do it. 

Price: Average
Quality: Slightly disappointing
Service: Quite fast
Ambience: Small but comfortable area

i-Creamy Artisan Gelato
Skyview Plaza
13/537-551 George St,
Sydney NSW 2000

Open 7 days a week

11AM - 10PM

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