CokCo Chicken and Grill, Strathfield

Monday, March 13, 2017

How cute are my friends!!! I absolutely love everyone here so much, so shoutout to you all! Following our dinner at Hanyang Galbi, we were all still feeling a bit peckish and in the mood for some drinks so I suggested CokCo Chicken and Grill which is two shops down.

CokCo is a Korean fried chicken and beer joint perfecting for catching up with your friend/s or family. Aside from fried chicken and beers, they also have other menu items that are fantastic for sharing such as large soups, meal sets with rice, sizzling hot plates, rice cakes, soju & makgeoli. Out the front they feature a lot of attractive deals on food and drinks which we can't go past.

The interior of CokCo is quite fun, cute and cheerful with its colour scheme of red, yellow and white and all the amusing artworks they have up. The service is fast and attentive as we're immediately seated and tended to by a waitress.

Each table has its own bell button so we're left to take our time looking over the menu. In the end we settle for some alcohol and a simple plate of fried chicken to share. There are a lot of tempting deals on the alcohol which prove to be so much cheaper than other restaurants, such as $13 for 2 Hite Beer cans + get 1 free, or $22 for 2 ChungHa soju + get 1 free but it this one we go with in the end...

DEAL: 1 Soju + 2 Beer Cans $19

And the best thing to do when you get this combo is to make SOJU BOMBS!

// flashback to the days where we all obsessively watched K-Town on YouTube //

Not long after our fried chicken with complementary sides also arrived 😍

Complementary sides: Cabbage Salad and Pickled Radish

The cabbage is thinly shredded and generously drenched in a tomato mayo dressing. The pickled radish is nice, sweet and crunchy. Both of these perfectly go together with the fried chicken. Not all places offer these sides, although they really should!

Crispy Fried Boneless Chicken in Soy Sauce (Large) $34

The boneless fried chicken is slightly more expensive than the chicken with bone, but oh so good. We're all pleasantly surprised with how good the chicken is because we weren't honestly expecting anything amazing. Each piece is so well-cooked with its crispy exterior, and tender juicy meat inside. Not a single piece was dry (perhaps they used chicken thighs?) and the soy sauce coating each piece was sweet, salty and more-ish. I definitely recommend this to you all and can't wait to come back and try other fried chicken types from here!

Had a really nice time here and I went through a little effort to grab these photos off of my old phone of my first visit to CokCo sometime last year to share in this review:

Side dish: Pickled Greens & Kimchi

I recall these being really sour and acidic so we barely touched these. As with most pickled sides, it's really a hit or miss depending on which days you come into the store.

Fish Cake Soup $15

I love fish cake soup so much even though I admit these processed fish cakes tend to taste like rubber. This soup is perfect and best for sharing... although to be honest I ate it all by myself. There is a generous amount of fish cakes in this soup in different shapes (flat, round, log, etc) as well as some Naruto fish cake, soft tofu and chillies, brown onions and chives for soup flavouring. The soup is wonderful with a nice depth of soy-sauce, bonito flavour although I would've liked to also have more pepper to the mix.

Fried Chicken with Coke

This isn't something I can find on the menu anymore so I'm not sure of CokCo still offers it but at the time, my sister and I thought this was this COOOOOOLEST thing EVER. You get a tall cup of Cola in a fun yellow paper cup, and the plastic lid is flipped around to also give you some popcorn chicken to nibble on. Perfect for when you don't want to order a whole plate of chicken OR you ordered other menu items already and would just like to try some chicken. The chicken was plain but perfect. They also offered Fried Chicken popcorn with Beers but again, can't find this on the menu anymore.

Overall I have very positive feelings about CokCo Chicken and Grill and am definitely trying to find someone who will take me back! I love fried chicken, I love a good beer (surprise, surprise) and I think the prices are really decent. 

Let me know if you've been to CokCo and if you have any tips or recommendations for me! xx

Price: Bit expensive, but lots of deals offered
Quality: Good
Service: Fast, attentive
Ambience: Fun and casual atmosphere

CokCo Chicken and Grill
28/45-47 The Boulevarde,
Strathfield NSW 2135

Open 7 days a week

11:30AM - 12AM

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