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Monday, March 06, 2017

Has anyone seen the Bankstown Sports Club lately? All I can say is... NICE! I used to hang at Bankstown a lot during my high school days but these days I have no reason to be there unless its the quick weekend grocery shopping with my parents or sister. So it was only in the past few months that I noticed Bankstown Sports Club has been sporting a bit of a fresh look and advertising some new restaurants. I always knew it was nice inside the club, especially at La Piazza but the new advertisements really had me further intrigued.

My best friend, Anne-mary and I recently decided to have lunch here as she has a club membership card and we walked around looking at all the new restaurants. I'm so excited to come back and try them out but for this post today we settled on trying Basement Brewhouse for some good ol' burgers.

Basement Brewhouse is just as the name suggests, down in the "basement" level. We walk past the pokies machines on the other end of the club after doing our little 360 tour before deciding to head down.

What I was not prepared for was discovering such a minimal, classy and sophisticated space down here! The Basement Brewhouse is an extremely clean and spacious area with plenty of seating. Just like the rest of sporties, the basement is well air-conditioned. The entrance we walk down from leads us right to the bar where I accidentally make my initial food orders from before being directed toward the kitchen area.

Anyway to note, I would love to come back here to have a few drinks with some friends! The drinks menu all seemed quite affordable and there is the great option of ordering a beer tasting paddle.

Anne-mary and I decide to sit at one of the round booths because of how comfortable and private they look! Each booth has a TV screen in it and at the time of dining, this was perfect for watching  the Australian Open :)

This is the kitchen area where you are to make all food orders from! I hope you all read this post so you don't make the same silly mistake like me hehe

Also I didn't take photos of this but near the kitchen there's an entrance you can walk into to see the whole area where the drinks/beer are kept in the tanks. It's pretty cool!

The deli look and display from the kitchen area is really nice. Service on the other hand isn't anything I would call friendly but it sure is quick. My orders are quickly placed through and we receive a number stand so they can bring our food to our table when it is ready.


The menu has a neat selection of burgers (chicken, beef, pork, lamb and vegetarian), 'hot dawgs', fries, and meat and cheese boards. They also have non-alcoholic drinks such as the shakes with an option of adding a cronut for $4. 

A really cool place already if you ask me. Additionally on each table instead of finding your typical tomato and bbq sauces, the wooden basket has a really interesting array. That being - Red Clipper's Jalapeño, green tomato and coriander sauce, Pickapeppa's Spicy mango sauce, and Busha Browne's Jamaican Jerk Smokey BBQ sauce. We tried them all and judging from the volume levels on the bottles, pretty sure every diner gets curious about these tastes!

The Reuben - Corned Wagyu Silverside, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, southwest sauce on toasted rye $15

Initially keen for a burger.. until I saw the words "reuben" on the next page and I instantly changed my mind. This reuben was absolutely packed with corned wagyu silverside and it was so divine. Each slice of beef was thin, juicy and fatty and I loved it. However overall I didn't completely love this sandwich because 1.. the rye was quite burnt as you can see and 2.. there was way too much mustard spread on the bread that I couldn't taste the sour tanginess of the sauerkraut which I was really looking forward to. The southwest sauce served on the side was spicy and creamy but as the reuben sandwich is already quite rich with the sauce, cheese and beef I felt the sauce wasn't really needed. The pickle on top of the reuben was perfect to turn to when I felt the sandwich got a bit too much, although I am not used to these type of soft brined cucumbers and do wish it was more crunchy and vinegary.

Chicky Babe on a Milk Bun - karaage Japanese-style chicken, creamy slaw, butter lettuce, gruyere cheese and wasabi mayonnaise $13

This was Anne-mary's burger and her verdict was that it was a really ordinary chicken burger with no stand out flavours. The milk bun was commended on for being really soft though. 

Spicy Beer Battered Fries $7

I love these beer battered fries as they are always so thick, crunchy and soft on the inside. It came served with a small little jar of tomato sauce/relish and we're slightly disappointed because on the menu it says it would be served with black truffle aioli. Also it wasn't spicy, just normal deep fried chips here. Either they served us the wrong thing or their spicy beer battered fries are just average.

I don't know why we didn't go back and complain at the time but in the end they were good chips so we were quite satisfied with our feed. We didn't actually finish the chips because we were really full but I have to note, they are SO expensive.

I think that Basement Brewhouse is a great addition to the Bankstown food scene. Even though we didn't come close to trying the whole menu, from what we had it was all mildly decent quality + prices are comparable with those in other areas of Sydney.

Have you been to Basement Brewhouse? Let me know what your experience was like and if there's something I should order for next time I visit there. Thanks for reading! xx

Price: Bit expensive
Quality: Decent
Service: Fast
Ambience: Sleek, minimalist and spacious basement area

Basement Brewhouse
8 Greenfield Parade,
Bankstown NSW 2200

Open 7 days a week

11:30AM - 12AM

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