MEE - The Noodle House, Lidcombe

Saturday, October 15, 2016

There's one of these types of eateries in every food court: Chinese food. You know the drill guys; you can pick a dish off the menu board, or grab a plate of rice or noodles with your choice of toppings. Whenever I go to eat with my parents in the food court after some shopping they will always head to the Chinese food stall because that is what we are most familiar with. It seems like the safe option.

After some shopping with my mom at Lidcombe Shopping Centre, we decided to share a quick and small between the two of us. Not being as open to the other options, that's how I can say we ended up at MEE Noodle House.

It is a very popular eatery in this food court and there was never a quiet moment. My mom and I decide to go for something different in this familiar sort of choice rather than choosing the usual sweet and sour pork, black bean beef, or mongolian lamb etc. They actually have an interesting variety of choices in the bain marie with not only Chinese options, but also Thai and Malaysian! This is the same with their menu board and I recall also seeing pho so I guess we could say they also have Vietnamese options.

I have to mention it was SO difficult to get the attention of the staff working there. I must've said "Excuse me" several times after patiently waiting for them to serve other people. They really don't seem to pay attention to who has been waiting and even served people who got there after me.

Left: Rice with Salt & Pepper Fish + Chilli Eggplant and Pork Mince
Right: Fish ball stick

The rice was quite dry. The salt and pepper fish had a thick batter that was extremely crispy and crunchy. I have slightly sensitive teeth so it actually was quite an uncomfortable experience, but my mom who does not have this issue said she also felt the same way. The fish was watery and soggy on the inside, a sign of prior frozenness. Also it was bland. No salt or pepper flavours at all. Especially pepper. The eggplant and pork was more interesting and nice way to get some veggies in our meal but it wasn't great. The flavours didn't have anything special to it - it wasn't spicy, sweet, or salty. Just like a mellow soy sauce.

The fish ball stick was very standard. I don't expect much out of this but I must mention that it's crispy exterior was similar to that of the salt and pepper fish. Very crunchy and uncomfortable.

I read a different review saying that MEE's a la carte menu is better than their bain marie or takeaway options. Which makes me wish we ordered something off there because this meal wasn't exactly the best. Yes we did make quite an unconventional choice but because it was in such a popular location, it could've been done a lot better. I wouldn't give this place an entire pass just yet because I hope I can come back and try their noodle soups or something next time. 

Anyway I hope this review had been informative for you! Until next time :) xx

Price: Standard
Quality: Not great flavours/textures
Service: Rushed
Ambience: Busy in the bustling food court

MEE - The Noodle House
Lidcombe Shopping Centre
92 Parramatta Road,
Lidcombe NSW 2141

Open 7 days a week
9 AM - 7 PM (Every day except Thursday)
9 AM - 9 PM (Thursday)

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