Crumble Top, Newtown

Sunday, July 17, 2016

After ice cream, my favourite dessert 100% is APPLE CRUMBLE! So when I stumbled across the Crumble Top account on Instagram and saw it was opening in Newtown, I was so intrigued! I clicked follow and then didn't think about it for weeks until I saw @sweetandyummie post about it on her Instagram. All her pictures looked SO delicious and she was raving about how good it was so I knew I just HAAAAD to go. And who better to drag along than my fellow food lover and Newtown explorer, Vanessa?

Situated on the King St end of Newtown closer to USYD, and being a very bright and yellow store this place is hard to miss! Vanessa and I walked here after an indulgent lunch at Happy Chef and Gelato Blue (click for links to food reviews). Second dessert? Why not, why not 😜

We missed out on the lunch special but full price is only $3.95 more!

Walking into the store was seriously like being a kid all over again and walking in a candy store! The place was really nicely and warmly lit, and the aroma of freshly baked crumbles ohhhh myyyyy goshhhhhh!!! ✨ ✨

The friendly assistant behind the counter noticed that we were new and lost customers and explained to us how the Crumble Top menu works. It's some fun almost DIY, create-it-yourself stuff.

First you choose a "crumble filling" aka a base for your crumble top. The options ranged from delicious combinations of fruit and puddings.


Second you choose your "crumble top". There were so many options on display and they all sounded so yummy…

But having caught my eye, WHITE CHOCOLATE MACADAMIA it was!

Thirdly and last you choose a scoop of ice cream and a sauce...

The ice cream selection is so interesting because there are some really unique flavours such as cinnamon, star anise and cardamom!

On the servers suggestion we went with LEMON CURD ice cream & TOFFEE sauce!

He handed both of us a cute little Crumble Top loyalty card after even though we had only bought one to share ^_^

We headed to sit at the back of the store which is pretty small but heaps cosy. Some interesting decorations on the way. A chalkboard full of tags and the apple tree painting full of red apple sticky notes. All singing praises for the crumble tops!


In a rare occurrence I seem to be seated on the 'good' side with the background. So while waiting for our crumble top, Vanessa be snapping photos of me like crazy.

We got some of these…

… some of these … 

… and even those "don't look at the camera" shots hahaha!

Then our marvellous and most delicious of a creation was placed in front of us! Not only did it smell like heaven but our first bite was met with tears because it was ✨ AMAZING BEAUTIFUL SWEET PERFECTIONNNNNN ✨

Sticky date pudding w/ white chocolate & macadamia crumble 
+ lemon curd ice cream, toffee sauce $13.95

We literally couldn't even say ANYTHING bad about this. It was probably one of the best desserts I've ever had. The white chocolate and macadamia crumble was so bomb on top of the warm and dense sticky date pudding. Then the toffee sauce coooompleeetely enhanced the crumble turning it all into crunchy toffee goodness. And finally to provide a relief from all of the sweetness? The lemon curd ice cream! It was not too sweet and not too citrusy. I wish I had a bucket of that ice cream! Truly what dreams are made out of.

I cannot recommend this combination enough and I'm sure other Crumble Top combinations can all just be as delicious~

p.s. YES we did stick out Crumble Top loyalty card into the crumble. Do it for the #insta !!!

We gotta tag this place too!

We saw these sticky date puddings being placed on the counter fresh out of the oven, omgggg gimmeee!!!

Walked out of this place so entirely happy and satisfied. It was truly a good day.

Crumble Top is still quite relatively new so I really hope you guys will give it a chance whenever you're in Newtown (or even when you're not cos seriously it's worth a trek) 😍 😍 😍

Price: It isn't bad! Under $15
Quality: So fresh!
Service: Friendly
Ambience: Warm, toasty, cosy, all those nice things


Crumble Top
125 King St,
Newtown NSW 2042

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