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Saturday, March 26, 2016

I think that when you go to a new capital city, checking out their casino is a must! Jupiters is the equivalent of Melbourne's Crown, and Sydney's Star! It was really spacious and pretty and there's a lot of things I didn't get to snap because it also was quite crowdy...

The entrance

Happy year of the monkey!!!

GORGEOUS, I love neon signs!

Right after this photo, the security guard told me no photos allowed in the casino which was fine..

My sister went off to make some small bets, and my mom, dad and I who are all too frugal for gambling went around and watched large groups make large bets on Black Jack. Very fun, very exciting hehe

My mom noticed inside the casino was this little restaurant called Bite with a really great $9.90 carvery selection for dinner and we all agreed it sounded really good! Considered trying out the other all you can eat buffet for dinner at the casino but the lines were very very very long 

That being said the line for Bite was crazy as well but as we were all running back and forth signing up the casino rewards program, Absolute Rewards it didn't seem too bad. The lady said we ALL needed an Absolute Rewards card to eat at this place but when we went to pay it was only 1 person who needs the card and only 1 person gets the points... =___=;;

The menu all sounds really good and AFFORDABLE! Besides focusing on roast meals, they also have a selection of other pub style foods (chicken parmigiana, seafood basket, burgers), and Asian food! There's also a late night bites section on the menu for 10PM - 5:30AM, and I thought that was so cool!

The smell was amazing!

There are three choices of meat with vegetables for the roast meals:
- Roast beef
- Roast pork with apple sauce
- Roast lamb with mint jelly

And all come with gravy! And you can choose whether you want roast potatoes or potato mash. Some people behind us in the line were bitching about how gross the mash looked and it made me so angry, like omg its freaking yellow because of butter you n00bs.

We paid a little bit extra for dessert and a soft drink as well, I can't remember how much but it was all a great value deal!

Desserts and cold food selections looking a bit empty at night hehe

Coke cups for water

The desserts we picked up at the cafeteria style ordering area! 

Anne and I were able to choose our desserts since we ordered roast meals (lemon meringue & white chocolate pavlova), whilst Harry got the dessert of the day since he ordered a special non-menu item. I think it was a strawberry sago pudding? And apparently it was reaaaally sweet

Lemon meringue pie $4.90
- YUUUUM love it! Can't fault

White chocolate pavlova $4.90 
- This was really good as well and so beautiful!


Roast Beef w/ roast vegetables and gravy $9.90
- This one came out first so we all attacked my moms plate and WOW the meat was surprisingly not dry and very well seasoned
- The vegetables were all roast to perfection as well

Roast Lamb w/ roast vegetables, gravy and mint jelly $9.90
- The lamb was a little dry but the gravy made up for all that!
- Mint jelly x Lamb is a great combo in my opinion
- Mashed potato was amazing FYI

Harrys: Chicken Parmigiana w/ chips and salad $9.95
- I hear this was good :)

Roast Pork w/ roast vegetables, gravy and apple sauce $9.90
- My choice from the beginning was so clear, PORK ALL THE WAY
- Squealed in delight when I saw it came with a piece of pork crackling!
- All of the roast meals were soooo well put together that I even finished the pumpkin and tbh I actually hate pumpkin 

I'm really envious Queensland has such an amazing little eatery in their casino like this! I've been thinking of this so often lately, it was just that good! 

What really topped it off was one of the benefits of the Absolute Rewards card was you can get a certain number of free drinks from their drink machine. This includes soft drinks and hot drinks like coffee, hot chocolate, caramel lattes, etc. They come out of a machine and everything and it's very cool. Definitely a great way to keep gamblers in the casino gambling til late. Sydney y u don't have this :'( 

All in all, HIGHLY recommend! 10/10 

Price: Very affordable 
Service: Nothing special
Quality: Perfect!
Ambience: Busy, fast-moving

Jupiters Casino
Casino Drive, Broadbeach
Gold Coast QLD 4218

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