Burger Point, Marsden Park

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Hey guys! I unfortunately haven't had time to sit down and edit my photos or write posts for you lately.. but as things are quieter for me this weekend, I have some time so I hope you can excuse the awkward and shaky writing I am about to do. I picked a burger post to bring your way today. This place was quite a trek to get to but I'm sure it will be familiar to all those who shop at IKEA in Marsden Park. As for me, I didn't even know what Marsden Park was let alone, a suburb. But thanks to Fran, I have now discovered this place!

Burger Point is a relatively new burger joint located in Marsden Park. From the outside it looks a bit mysterious. But once walking in, you will be greeted with the sleek, minimalist, modern and industrial decor of the place. The only pops of colour you will find it in the kitchen, and the green grass plants on each table. I absolutely adore the look from top to bottom of Burger Point because it is just so straight forward and aesthetic. Even the ceiling is just covered in plain and simple black, revealing none of the protruding wires and pipes we expected to see above.

The place is particularly empty on a Tuesday afternoon with the exception of a few locals and truckies who drop by for a quick feed. Fran and I quickly look over the menu which has a great selection of options. We end up getting two burgers and large fries!

Cute Heinz sauce bottles given.

Fuze Tea - Peach Ice Tea

Fries (Large) $5.50

A really generous heaping of shoe string fries in this basket and each one is perfectly crisp and salted.

Fran's: Angry Bird Burger w/ Southern Style fried chicken, lettuce, coleslaw, garlic creamed corn and spiced mayo $13

I don't know about you but this burger looks bloody amazing to me. It's so colourful and all the ingredients look fresh and delicious. That piece of fried chicken is also quite huge. We both loved this burger as the soft buns perfectly held everything together ensuring every bite was glorious. The chicken was tender with a crispy and crunchy exterior, and the spiced mayo was really a hit. The only thing was the corn didn't appear to be very creamed nor did it have a noticeable garlic flavour. Overall still a really great chicken burger!

3 Little Pigs Burger w/ Twice cooked pork belly, Asian slaw, lettuce, cucumber and Sriracha aioli $13

On first glance, this burger looks exactly like the Angry Bird burger minus the corn kernels. And to be honest despite the fancy names "Asian slaw" and "Sriracha aioli", I felt it was just the same coleslaw and spiced mayo they used on the other burger. Fresh, nice but not unique. What I can comment on further is the twice cooked pork belly which truly had such a Filipino influenced flavour to it! Very peppery as well. It was tender and fatty on the inside with a nice crunchy coating. I really enjoyed this burger, probably being my first pork burger ever.

We left Burger Point feeling extremely satisfied with the whole experience! It's a shame that the place is quite far away from where I actually live, but for all those who live a bit closer to this in the west I highly recommend you give these guys a go!

Thanks so much for reading :) Until next time! xx

Price: Good
Quality: Good
Service: Friendly
Ambience: Sleek, modern, industrial

Burger Point
24/9 Hollinsworth Rd,
Marsden Park NSW 2765

Open 7 days a week

10AM - 8:30PM

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