Summer and Spice, Southport QLD

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Hi everyone I thought I'd revisit and review a few restaurants I had been to on my last summer road trip to Queensland with the family! It's a lot of fun to travel and check out the food scene in other states and compare what it's like with back home in Sydney. I haven't had the chance to travel anywhere this year yet so lets relive all these experiences.

Summer and Spice in a small Thai cuisine restaurant in the Southport central area. We found a Groupon voucher online for this place and were all really excited to try it out. The deal was $44 for four people, and $22 for two. You would receive an entree to share, main each, and steamed rice. Unfortunately we had a party of 5 people and there is no option for five so we bought a voucher for four and another voucher for two.

The restaurant is extremely small and has bright green walls and twinkling lights which I am not fond of. The venue isn't as busy as all the surrounding restaurants and we're the last diners to be seated for the night. 

It is then that we encounter our first problem and receive a taste of what the service is like. We handed over our vouchers and explained our 5 person dilemma which the waitress who collects them nods at. But then a few minutes later the manager comes to our table and tells us that we can only choose 2 mains with rice or noodles for our group and she will cook them in a large portion to accomodate. We're really confused at this point as technically our vouchers should be entitling our group to 6 different mains with steamed rice and entrees. The manager is really rude and argues back with us saying that she's offering us a good deal because the voucher says "Max 1 voucher per table". It's true that the voucher does state this yet I thought this clause was to stop groups of diners using the vouchers twice in one sitting and we are doing no such thing. We pull apart the tables we're currently sitting on and ask if this is okay to which the manager insists it is not because we're all still on the same table area. She keeps pushing that we accept her reduced offer and only reluctantly stops when my sister suggests that she and her boyfriend will sit on a separate table on the other end of the restaurant to redeem their $22 for two deal. 

We're all really angry and uncomfortable with the service by this point and I personally do not see the benefit they had in making a scene about our voucher arrangements. Does it really matter if our group sits together or sits apart when we are entitled to receive the amount of food stated on the voucher anyway?! 

I'll never be used to receiving cold or unfriendly service yet there was no way we could simply just stand up and leave as our vouchers had already been paid for. My only retaliation is to share my true experience in this blog post.

In this same way I tried to look forward to the food hoping it would take my mind off the way the service was treating my group. We made our orders and it took a really long time to come out as I noticed they had only 2 staff in the kitchen.


Spring Rolls, 4pc for $6.50

These were filled with chicken and mushroom and served with a side of sweet chilli sauce. The mixture of the fillings sounded quite unique but the quantity was little and taste was ordinary. 

Deep Fried Tofu, 6pc for $5.50

We received more than 6 little cubes of fried tofu and this was quite a good entree! The tofu is very plain so the sweet chilli sauce is essential. Best eaten hot otherwise as I've learned, they become soft and soggy.


Pad Thai Chicken $14.90

Thankfully I recently learned how to appreciate bean sprouts but my goodness there was so many bean sprouts mixed in with this pad Thai, and then offered on the side. The serving side looks tiny but it's actually quite a lot.. just unfortunately its equal parts noodle and equal parts bean sprouts. The sauce is very sweet but everything is extremely oily.

Crispy Chicken $14.90

Says on the menu it is served with homemade chilli sauce, and clear soup yet it was served with neither of these things. The sauce was the same sweet chilli sauce and there was no soup. The chicken is really small, bland, boney, slightly burnt and very dry. Hardly any meat on the bone. Disappointing. 

Green Curry Chicken $14.90

Pretty sure there was like 3 small slices of chicken in this curry and rather just a lot of broccoli and green beans. However I did enjoy this curry for its spicy and creamy heat and it went well over a serving of steamed rice.

Cashew Nut Chicken $14.90

I really wanted to like this because the plate looked very abundant, colourful and promising but unfortunately the flavours just weren't there. Despite how red and hot the colour was, even adorned with generous sprinkles of chilli flakes, this tasted bland like nothing. Maybe slightly like soy sauce but aside from that, it was flavourless.

Coupled with the terrible customer service experience, I don't think the food is worth coming to this restaurant for. The regular prices are expensive and the portion size, quality, and flavours fall extremely short. 

Price: Expensive
Quality: Not good
Service: Rude
Ambience: Small and bright

Summer and Spice
c005/56 Scarborough St,
Southport QLD 4215

Open 7 days a week

Lunch: 10:30AM - 4PM
Dinner: 5PM - 9PM

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